Turbo_Grafx_16A few days ago got to try a TurboGrafx-16 for the first time.  When I was a kid I heard and seen pictures about this game consoles.  But never got to try one.  Never knew anyone who owned one.  One of my friends bought one online.  The console itself is pretty small, very flat.  The first thing that stood out for me was it only had one controller port.  The second was how the game cards looked.  The come on this small credit card looking things.  With pins at one end.  They are called HuCard or TuboChip. The few game we tried all looked pretty cool.   The one standout game was called World Court Tennis.  It is your standard tennis game.  However there is an RPG mode.  It your old school top down RPG but the battles are fought playing tennis.  It made we laugh but its a pretty cool idea if you think about it.


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