No Man’s Sky Update

No_Mans_Sky.jpgHave been playing No Man’s Sky about three weeks now.  Know there is a lot a negative things people are saying.  Think mostly because it didn’t live up to what they wanted the game to be.   I on the other had am still having lots of fun with this game.  So far have spent most of my time colleting elements to sell.  So I can buy the suit upgrades (slots) when I come across them.  Every time you find a drop pod with one.  It will cost ten thousand units (money) then the one before it.  At this moment have 41 slots.  Think the most you can have for your suit and ship is 48.  Speaking of the ships have upgrade once.  The other thing you can upgrade/buy is a new multi tool.  Done that about four times.  With the new slots you can add more tech.   That goes with the suit and ship as well.   The idea is to have more slot so you an carry more stuff but all so improve you tech.

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