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Model Kit And Supplies

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Hornby_Airfix_Ford_Fiesta_RS_WRCA few post back talked about model kits and how I used to put them together has a kid.  Will have ordered one online.  As well as a few supplies.  The three things I order are from   Are a four set paint brushes and a tool set, which you can see > here.  Never had any a tool set before so this will make putting the kit together mush easier.  The mode kit is a Hornby Airfix Ford Fiesta RS WRC Car.  You can see what that looks like > here.    All I have to get now is some paint and glue.  Going to get those locally.  There is a craft store in town I hope has the glue.  We be back with an update when the order comes in.

Fear the Walking Dead Season Two Second Half

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Fear_The_Walking_Dead.pngOh man the second half of season two for Fear The Walking Dead started airing this past Sunday (August 21, 2016).  Have looking forward to seeing what will happen after all the fall our from the first half.  They did not disappoint.  Felt like a whole new season.  This first episode back mainly focused on just one character, Nick.  It was very well shot.  One the best looking episodes to date.  Got to see more of this backstory.  Which blends into how he reacting to the world around him now.   Looking forward to the season now.

Grand Theft Auto Online Hours Played

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GTAOnline.jpgHave made a few post in the past talking about the hours I have played in Grand Theft Auto Online.  Making another one because.  Have played a little over 327 hours and am level 147.  That is a lot.  The best part was never bored once during that time.  Mostly because they are all ways adding new content.  So it makes it easier to set news goals at getting a new car or some thing else’s.  The last time I played they had a sale on the Buzzard helicopter for 50% off.  Was convicted by my brother to by it since we play this game a lot with me.  We all ways have a blast.  Now we can blow stuff up with the Buzzard.

PlayStation 4 – 4.00 System Update

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PlayStation4.jpgThere is a new system update in the works for the PlayStation 4.  This 4.00 update will be in public beta soon.  Then some time after that everyone will get it.  The big take ways from this update is they are refreshing the UI (User Interface), adding organization tools,  updating the quick menu and changing how the user profiles look.  Of course there is more to it than that.  You can read about it > here.  There are all so some pictures on there how everything will look.  Thinking some time this fall the update will be out for everyone.

Model Kits

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ModelKit.jpgBack in August of 2011 made a post talking about model kits.  How I would like to get back into putting them together.  But never did.  When I was a kid made many of this.  Sure they didn’t turn out so great.  Mostly because I didn’t know what I was doing.  All so didn’t have the tools.  Back then was well, you could find all kinds of kits to buy.  There was a whole section in the toy aisle.  There was even a hobby store in the mall.  Those days a gone.  However the internet to the rescue.  Found some nice kits and tools on my favourite online store,, for some reasonable prices.  So strongly thinking about ordering some stuff.

PlayStation Store Flash Sale August 2016

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PSN_Flash_Sale.jpgThe month of August is winding down.  Which can be a good thing because the end of a month is when the PlayStation Store as a flash sale.  Well for the past few any way.  This times theme is based of games with fantasy worlds.  There is a lot of RPGs.  A lot of the games on the list have been on sale before. Not sure it they are a better deal this time around or not.  You can see for yourself > here.  The sale runs from August 19 – 22, 2016.

Hermes House Band – Country Roads

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Hermes_House_Band_Country_RoadsTime once more for musical throwback Thursday.  This weeks song is cover version/remake of John Denver’s 1971’s Take Me Home, Country Road.  Which is done by Hermes House Band.  Hermes House Band is a band based out of the Netherlands. Who have been around for a long time doing covers and remixes of popular songs.  After discovering this version they did which you can see > here or below.  Watch some of their videos.  Have to say they do a really good job at keeping the song as you may know them and giving it their own spin.