TMNT Mega Blocks Classic Series Leonardo

TMNT_Mega_Blocks_Classic_Series_LeonardoIf you ever stop by this blog you more than likely seen a post talking about TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) related stuff.  Well this time talking about a little construction set I found.  It is a small micro set containing 38 pieces.  The looks of the Ninja Turtles is based of the original cartoon show.  Bought the Leonardo set.  It has has him standing a a base with has a sewer cover.  Off that there is are some water pipes.  Which you can attach the turtle from.  There are all so two small pictures of Leo fighting Krang.  That can be attached to the pipes as well.  You can see the set for yourself > here.  Of course you can get the other three as well.

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