No Man’s Sky

No_Mans_Sky.jpgAs I am typing this post(August 11, 2016) have had No Man’s Sky for two days.   Have got more used to the game mechanics and how the inventory systems work.  The inventory for you suit and ship work on slots.  So the more slots you have the more stuff you can carry.  These slots can all so be used to hold tech upgrades.  So this makes the inventory management interesting at times.   Of courses you can get more if you find upgrades to your suit or buy a new ship.  Did find a broken down ship.  but it only had one extra slot so left it here.  On the space stations you can trade with NPC’s.  All so buy their ships.  Seen a really nice one.  Sadly it was over a million Units (money) to buy.  Will have to get some more Units and dream a little smaller for a new ship upgrade.

So far have spent most of my time on one planet exploring and mining.  It is very easy to get distracted.  Found so many camps, outposts and the like around pretty much every corner.  It is well worth the time checking these out.  Found all kinds of useful things.  Like upgrades, money, health and stuff to sell.

Having a blast so far paying this game.  Have only seen one tiny part of what this game has to offer.  Can’t wait to see what else there is.

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