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Motorcycle Boots

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2006-xt225-usa-dpbmc-3.jpgSadly had to retire my motorcycle boots after ten years.  That is because I had heel blow out and the other one was on the way.  There are some pictures below that shows the damage.  Looks like something ate all the rubber way.  A few days or so ago noticed while leaving work the right heal felt a bit soft.  The day after that it got worst.  Lifted up my foot to so see what was going on.  Was shocked to see that all the rubber inside the heel was gone.  The outside had started to crack.  These were really good boots.   Had them for ten years and were the best footwear I have ever owned.  Am sure if rubber was still there would have these for another ten years.

When out and bought a new pair of boots.  They are not “real” motorcycle boots.  But they are pretty sturdy.  All the real boots I looked at were ugly or over priced.