Harley & The Davidsons

Harley_And_The_DavidsonsThere is a very interesting mini-series come out this September (2016) on the Discovery channel called, Harley & The Davidsons.  Just about everyone in the world knows the motorcycle name Harley Davidsons.  Every time non-motorcyclist talk about motorcycling as a whole the think every one is a Harley.  When people like this find out I ride they all ask it if is a Harley.  That is some strong brand recognition.  They think that brand is the best of the best.  To some it is but to others it’s up for debate.  That being said, this will be a three part series starting September 5, 2016.  Will show the history how it all got started.  I will be watching.  As I am typing this (July 19, 2016) the official trailer is not on their YouTube channel.  However someone else has up it up > here.  Or you can see it below.

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