Ride With Norman Reedus Review

Ride_With_Norman_Reedus.jpgAll six episodes of Ride with Norman Reedus have aired.  Time for a review.  Must say I am kind of bias because I will pretty much watch any TV show that has motorcycles in it.  Must say this is one of the better motorcycle traveling shows.  Each episode he rides a different one.  Then takes along a friend or two.  They set out on a road trip.  Where they might all kinds of different people.

What I like about the show is they are showing all kinds of different types of motorcycles.  They all so talk to people that are just not your stereotype big bad biker.  They they off a little bit a culture from each place they visit.   Not sure if there will be another season of this show.   Hope there is because I was entertained.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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