Grand Theft Auto Online: Cunning Stunts

GTA_Online_Cunning_Stunts.jpgBack on July 12, 2016 Grand Theft Auto Online update, Cunning Stunts, was out.  Gave it a try.  This new update brings over the top racing to the sky with big tracks with loops and jumps.  There are all so a bunch of new vehicles and two new motorcycles.  The update add lots of new character clothes and what not.  The best part of that is they have better looking baseball hats now.

As for the races.  Which you can see in the trailer they put out > here.  They are crazy.  Even more fun than they look.  Not sure if I tried them all.  Played a few by myself.  All a a bunch with 15 other racers.  Of course there are all ways the players that just want to crash into you or try to make you spin out.  However this can backfire for them.  Since most parts of the tracks are high up in the sky or over water.  They try and take you out ends with them crashing as well.  Think this is a much need update for GTA Online.  Something very different then what they have been doing.

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