The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The_Witcher_3.jpgOnce again talking about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.  Back in May (2016) decided to play from the very beginning.  There has been many patches to the game.  Making it so much better play.   They over hauled the menu screens.  So much easier to navigate around.  As I am typing this (July 10, 2016) have played about 65 hours and am at character lvl 22.  Don’t think I am very close to finishing this any time so.   Most because of all the side quests that are so good.  Just might try to focuses more on the main storyline.  Say this every time I talk about The Witcher 3.  This is on of the best games ever made.  If you haven’t picked it up do so.  However if you want all the DLC and what not.  Have read that here is a game of the year edition coming out soon.

[Update] July 15,  Have played 70 hours and at level 25.  Think I am on the last few main missions.

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