Grand Theft Auto Online: Cunning Stunts

GTA_Online_Cunning_StuntsHave not talked a lot about Grand Theft Auto Online much this year (2016).  So far this year they have put out a lot of new modes, content and events.  More than other years.  All of which are fine just nothing that made be all that interested.  That being said there is an up coming update that has be very interested.  Which is called Cunning Stunts.  There is not much news out so far (as of July 7, 2016).  The info and trailer they did put out looks pretty awesome.  You can read the blog post > here and see the trailer > here or below.

What we do know is, this new stuff brings all new over the top racing to the sky with big tracks with loops and jumps.  They will be all new cars a motorcycles.  As well as new motocross gear, racing suits and helmets.  All the new vehicles look awesome.  The motorcycle has be the most excited because it looks like one they would race in the Dakar rally.  You can see at picture of that > here.  This new content will be out Tuesday July 12, 2016.


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