Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry_PiFor a few years now have read and seen things about Raspberry Pi.  If you never heard of this.  Basically it is a very small computer that can fit in your palm of you hand.  It has USB ports and the like.  Was designed to be used for teaching computer science and programing on the cheap.  It cost around $35.  People have taking these and have made all kinds of cool and crazy things.

Found out the other day they have a new version out called The Raspberry Pi 3.  This new version is faster of course.  The big updates it has build in Bluetooth and Wi-fi.  The reason I am taking about his cool device is.  Found out people have been turning them in the game emulation machine.  There is a website called RetroPie that shows how it is done.  Has all kinds of help, videos and documents.   It all looks pretty sweet.

Am now very interested in getting one.  You can just by the device it’s self.  Found a place that sells them in Canadian money > here for $46.13.   However over at Amazon.ca they have a kit  > here that comes with the Pi, a case, power adapter, 32 GB MicroSD card, heat sinks and a HDMI cable for $100.00.  Which if you were to try and piece out all these items on your own might end of costing you more.

Thinking about getting one of these.  It all looks pretty cool.  Watched the video on the RetroPie and it seems like I would be able to do that.  I even have a PS3 controller and a USB keyboard.  Going to think on it.  Have a birthday coming up.  These might be the gift to myself.


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