PlayStation Store Flash Sale May 2016

PlayStation_Store_Flash_Sale_May_2016Great news there is a flash sale going on in the PlayStation Store.  Which runs from May 20 to 23, 2016.  It has only been a month since that last flash sale.  Love it when the put these on.  Because you are pretty much guarantee there will be at lest one you will want to buy.  This sale is a bit different than the ones before it.  First is, there is over 100 items covering PS4, PS3, Vita and movies.  The biggest thing is everything $5.00 or less.  You can read and see what on the list > here.  Not sure what I might buy.  One I am eyeballing is Nidhogg.  Seen this played on a live stream.  The game may look simple.  But there is a lot too it.  A fun party game.

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