Tom Clancy’s The Division Review

The_Division.jpgYep, talking about Tom Clancy’s The Division again.  A few nights ago finished all the main missions.  As well as the side missions, encounters and collectibles.  So it is time for a review.  Played all this single player.  All the main missions were pretty cool. When it came time to play the last mission.   Was thinking that it will be too tough to play alone.  It has you taking on an attack helicopter.  When I first seen it was thinking, oh great this will be impossible.  Turns out it wasn’t too bad.  Took me awhile because was playing it super safe.

Once I finished the side stuff tried out the Dark Zone.  Didn’t have much fun with that.  Died four times in a row and only got two shitty items out.  However it you are into that.   There is lots of replay with the game if you are into PvP or co-op.  This game can still be played and treated like a single player game.  At this point in time have put close to 80 hours.  Enjoyed every minute.  Well worth the time and money.   Thinking about starting over with a new character.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Time)


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