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New Motorcycle Battery

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Yuasa_YUAM727ZS_YTZ7S_BatteryA few post back talked about that I had a dead battery in my motorcycle.  Well sent some time looking around at my options.   Should I get another one from the dealer.  Buy a cheap one from Wal-Mart.   Looked online as well.  Found some options after looking for awhile.  There are so many types of batteries.   Did a search on, with no luck.  So changed up my search words.   Then seen a listing for Amazon.   Turns out third parties sell though them.   They even have a nice “does it fit” drop down menu.  You pick the year, brand and model and it will tell you if it fits.

Was going to buy a cheap one at first.  Then after thinking about it for a day.  Better off getting a good one.  Might have to wait a week or a bit more (hopeful less) before it comes in.  If I got a cheap one.  Would have to put the battery acid in and charge it up.  With this better one, it is good to go right out of the box.   Sure it cost more but it just might last longer than a year.  The one I got is > here.