BroforceOne of the free games for PlayStation Plus members in March (2016) was Broforce.   Back then didn’t try it out. But to put in on my library list.  A few nights ago while at game night.  A friend had it on his PS4 so four of us gave it a go.  It was pure chaos.  It is hard to describe this game.  It is like your standard 8-bit platformer. However it big on the action and the destruction.   The best part is the characters.  They are mostly based off 80’s and 90’s movie action heroes.  You can tell who they are.  The kicker is how they are named.  Everyone’s name has bro in it.  For example RoboCop is called Brobocop.  It is pretty fun.  The game is over the top.  When playing with four people there is some stuff happening on screen you don’t know what to do.  Just might give it a download to see how it plays with one person.

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