Tom Clancy’s The Division

The_Division.jpgHave been playing Tom Clancy’s The Division  for bit over a month now.  Reached max level 30 in the main game and put in about 70 hours.  Talked about this game a bunch of times all ready.  The thing is I am still having fun and can’t wait to play more.  The game was designed to be played co-op or in groups.  However can can be played single player.  That is how I am playing it.  Sure it takes more time and others are just looking to get the best gear and loot aright way.  I like taking my time with the game.  Exploring everything.  There is come much detail am finding new things to look at all the time.  The other day found a homemade hockey rink.

Still have not tired the dark zone stuff let.  That is where you can run into other players.  Who may or may not try and still the loot you collect.  In the dark zone stuff you fine had to be extracted before you can use it.  So they could kill you and steal your stuff.  Or they could just take you out just be a jerk.  That is why I am not to eager to jump in.  Then again it could be fine.  Think I will wait till I finish the main game.


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