James May: The Reassembler

James_May_The_ReassemblerIf you have read this blog over the years you would know I am a big fan of the TV show Top Gear.  Which will go down as the best Top Gear.  All a fan of the other show James May hosts.  With there have been many over the years.  He is all ways funny and entertaining.  He now has a three episode series called James May: The Reassembler.  The show have James putting back together once piece at a time three different things.  First episode has him putting a lawnmower.  The next two are a telephone and an electric guitar.  This will most likely be the last show he does for the BBC.  Since he and the other best Top Gear hosts are making there own new show for Amazon.  Which is said to air this fall.

Have watched the first episode for this show.  It wasn’t as boring as you might think.  Watched it on YouTube.  There other two are on there as well.  Not sure how long will be will be up here.  Since they get taken down pretty quick.  So if there are still and you are interested.  The episodes are here > One Two and Three.


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