Fire Pro Wrestling – Returns

Fire_Pro_Wrestling_ReturnsA few day ago while at a friends out for a game night.  We decided to play some old PlayStation 2 games.  He has a bunch of games I have never heard of or seen.  Once such game was Fire Pro Wrestling – Returns.  This game came out back in 2007 in North America.  Have played many wrestling games over the years.  With most of them being not so great.  This one on the other hand it awesome.  This first thing you will see the that camera angle the use I never seen before.  It from the closest corner.   There are 100’s of wresters to choose from.  You can all so make your own.  They are made of sprites so they look good.  There many be only a few frames of animation.  But that doesn’t matter because the moves they pull off are real wrestling moves.  Which there is a lot of.  The other standouts are the matches, Singles to Battle Royal to Electrified Barbed Wire Ropes Exploding Deathmatchs.  There are all so weapons.  All these features and settings can be customized.  Was very impressed with this game.  Can’t wait to try it again.


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