TrackMania Turbo Open Beta Hands On

Trackmania_Turbo.jpgA few posts back talked about the open Beta for Trackmania Turbo.   Which ran from March 18 to the 21, 2016.  Gave it a try.  On the 18th looked on the PlayStation Store on the PS4 with no luck. Went back a hours later and still no luck.  So log on to the PlayStations Stores website.  Found it there.  Have never used this site before.  All you have to do is sign in with the info you made when you got a PS3 or PS4.  Once there it works just like any other retail site.  The big differences is you can have it download right way to your PlayStation.

The beta let you try out about twenty different tracks.  The all looked great and most were exciting to play.  Others were not so fun or too short.  It let you use three types of cars.  Each one handled differently than the others.  The big selling point of the game is the ability to create, share and play others tracks.  Gave it a try in the beta as well.  The track building was much better than I thought it would be.  Had a simple track made in minutes.  All so tried out a few others have made.  Played everything the beta had to offer.   While everything looked and played well.  It didn’t hold my interest.  The game am sure will be awesome.  Just not for me.


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