Tom Clancy’s The Division

The_Division.jpgAs I am typing this (March 15, 2016) have played about seventeen hours and am level ten in Tom Clancy’s The Division.  There are lots of people out that reached the max level on day one or the day after.  That just seem silly to me.  Rushing thought a game just came out.  Myself I like to take my time with a game.  Like to explore and collect all the hidden items.  While doing most of the side quest first before taking on the main missions.  So far have lots of fun playing this game.  Love the way the world looks.   It is very detail and the weather effects are great.  When it is lightly snow you can see it build on our characters shoulders.  Sure this game is a shooter.  Were the fire fights can be intense and exciting.  It is all so an RPG.  Every time you open a bag or create and it gives you something better than you all ready have it has you wanting to keep going.  I guess that is the feel people get when the win a casino game.  From what I have played and seen.  Every much recommend this game.

[Update]  Have played 30 hours now and at level 13.

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