Trackmania Turbo Open Beta

Trackmania_TurboThis coming weekend, March 18 to the 21 (2016) there is an open beta taking place for Trackmania Turbo.  The Trackmania games have been around for a long time on PC.  It has you racing super fast and crazy cars on even crazier tracks.  What makes this game standout is you can make and share your own tracks.  This new version not only on PC but coming to PS4 and Xbox One.  You will be able to make your and share tracks is this one as well.  Of course you will be able to play online.  However the biggest feature is there will be split screen multiplayer.  But wait there is more the split screen is up to four players.  That doesn’t have very often any more.  I for one will be giving this beta a try.  Will be back with an update with I do.  You can see the beta trailer > here or below.

If you a looking to download > here is the link to it on the PlayStation Stores website.


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