Tom Clancy’s The Division

The_Division.jpgBack near the end of February (2016) played the open beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division.  Liked what I played but was still on the fences about buying the game at full price.  Ever since then couldn’t stop think about the game.  The day it came out (March 8, 2016) watched a bunch of lets play.  Which had me sold.  So decided to buy it.   As I am typing this (March 10, 2016) have played about five hours.  Have enjoyed every minute so far.  There is so much to look at and do.  There are lots of side stuff as well as things to collect.  Then there are the random events that happen.  There is a crafting system as well.  Which it is pretty simple but still fun.  The only problem I have run into which all so happened in the beta as well.  Some times while in the menus check out gear and what not.  The textures will fade out or disappear.  Which is a pain when look at the new stuff you collected.  Was worried at first that being an online only game it would be to hard or no fun to play single player.  Sure it would be fun with friends.  So far have had no trouble playing single player.

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