The Division Open Beta Hands On

The_Division.jpgSpent part of the weekend playing The Division open beta on the PS4.  Back when it was in closed beta watched a bunch of videos.  It looks pretty cool.  So I was looking forward to playing.  It is much better to play it than watch.  There is more to see than what the video streams I watched showed.  There are many side missions to try.  All so different things to collect.  Along with two main missions.   At first I was worried that you would be able to play this single player without dying a lot.  Only die twice.  Which is too bad.

Played most it single player.  However did play some of it co-op with my brother.   Which worked great.  It was easy to do as well.   When in the menu you can see who is playing.  Then choose to request from them to join you or you can just choose join them.  When playing co-op the bad guys numbers grow and they get tougher.  Which only make sense.

Only tired the PvP Dark Zone stuff for a few minutes.  I like every online shooter.  The first thing to happen was I got killed.  Opened the door to the zone.  Took a look around to get the lay of the land.  Two guys run up and shoot me.  After respawning.  Looked around some more to see if I could find and items to collect.  Found two boxes but I wasn’t the right level to open them .  So gave up on that stuff.

Played ten hours of this beta.   Over all I was impressed on how well it worked.   The gameplay is great.  The world is full of detail.  Being a beta not every thing is open to be used.  The are lots of stuff in the menus that are block off.  Speaking the the menus.  That is the biggest problem.  There a menus within menus with menus inside those.  There are icon, numbers and text what I have know idea what the mean.

Still not sure if I will be buying this game.  Am interested to see what else the game has to offer.  Just not sure if the it worth paying full price for.  Just might wait for a price drop.  The game is out March 8, 2016.


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