Game Character Hub

Game_Character_Hub.pngBack in November (2014) talked about the program Game Character Hub.  This program let you easily make and edit sprites so you can put into a game.  It works in hand with the RPG Maker products.  Have been eyeballing it ever since then.  The only place you can buy it is Steam > here.  The asking price is $17.00.  However a few days back it was on sale for less then $6.00.  So decided to buy it.

The program works great.  You can start off going though tutorials how it works.  When though the first one. Which is pretty straight forward.  Works much like an photo editing program.  Made a quick character.  Then imported into RPG Maker VX Ace.  Was very impressed.  If you are the art type you can make not only characters but all so all the titles used in the RPG Maker programs.

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