Batman: Bad Blood Review

Batman_Bad_BloodThis movie, Batman: Bad Blood is another awesome one in DC Universe Animated line up.   There is lots to like about this new movie.  First is it takes place in the same world as Son of Batman and Batman vs. Robin.  The second thing is there a lots of new characters.  Which are new to the animated movies.  One of this new characters is Batwoman.  She steals the show.  She has some great and funny lines while still kicking ass.  It was nice to see some comedy worked in.  As all way they manage to out do themselves with the action.  The fights could have been in a Hollywood blockbuster.   The best thing about the movies is since this in the same word as two others it can keep the storyline moving.  If it were standalone story think it would not as good.  That being said you don’t really have to see the other two.  It would help you understand the dynamic better.

Has you may know I am a huge Batman fan as well as this DC animated movies.  So you know I am going to enjoy them not matter what.  Over the years the have been some really awesome ones and some that were just ok.  This one fits in to the awesome list.  The story line is good for the most part.  The action is at its best.  They don’t hold back characters get really hurt or die.  Must have for any fan.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)


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