The Walking Dead: Season Six Second Half

The_Walking_Dead_Season_6.jpgThere is less than a month to go before the second half of season six for The Walking Dead staring up.  It will start again February 14, 2016.  AMC put out a small teaser trailer a little while back.  If you missed that or want to see it again you can do so > here.  I am reading the comic books.  All most finished reading the second compendium.  Reach the point in the comic were season six ended the first half.  While the storyline and characters are the same in spots they are more different in most.   You can see were the show has pulled elements form the comic but go a very different direction.  Which is nice.  The think is I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know what happens next before seeing the show.  After thinking about for a while.  Thought it wouldn’t ruin the surprise because you don’t know what or when will they put in elements from the comic book.

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