Fitbit Charge

Fitbit.jpgA few post back talked about getting a Fitbit.   Was thinking about getting the Flex model.  I write these days before posting them.  The day I posted that one, the new flyers were out and seen that they had the Charge model on sale.   This is the next model up from the Flex with more features.  Being on sale it was cheaper than the Flex.  So decided to buy that one.  The the feature I am looking to trying out the most is the sleep tracking.  About to set it up now.  Will be back with an update.

[Update]  Have worn it for a few days now.  It is very light on the arm and comfortable.  The screen is nice and bright.  Easy to read.  I know it will not be a 100% accurate with all the things it keeps track of.  It is still a very good guide.  The sleep tracking is very interesting.  It tells you how many times you woke up or were restless.  So for on average I wake up about ten times during six hours of sleep.  This can’t be good.  So I am going to keep track for a few weeks and then go to the doctors.  So far am liking the this Fitbit.  Worth the money.

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