Hardware: Rivals

Hardware_RivalsOne of the free game for PlayStation Plus members this January (2016) is Hardware: Rivals.  This is an online car combat game.  It has a nice look to it.  So I have to give it a download to try.  When reading the game page in the store it says the file sizes is about 3GB’s.  Which is wrong.  The download about 6.6GB’s because there is a three gig patch out for it.

Only gave the game a quick look.  Played the tutorial.  Then tried out one match which was setup for new players.  Being an online game.  Got killed over and over again until the game time out and set me back to the menu screen. That is when I stopped playing.  Didn’t play any more because it didn’t have the pull on me to keep going.  Not a big online gamer.  But if you are it looks like a nice game to play.  Might give it another go with some friends.

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