Far Cry Primal – Beast Master Trailer

Far_Cry_Primal.jpgBack in October (2015) Ubisoft announced Far Cry Primal.  Which is a new Far Cry like we know with a very nice twist.  It take place during the stone age.  So the world will just as awesome but be much different.  There will be all kinds of big crazy wild animals.  Some of which you can tame.  The games weapons will be stone age as well.  To do this there will be a lot of crafting.  It wall looks and sound pretty fun.  The reason I am talking about this game is again besides loving the Far Cry 3 & 4 is, there is a new trailer out.   Well not that new.  They put it out at the beginning of December.  Just didn’t see it until a few days back.  The game will be out February 23, 2016.  You can see the trailer > here or below.

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