Interstellar Review

InterstellarThe movie Interstellar have been on my must watch list for a long time now.  Knew it was a long movie so put off watching it.  Well that was until the other day.  Was blown way by this movie.  It had me interested all they way though.  There is a lot of sciences and space travel jargon.  But never feels over your head because they explain a lot of it.  Like all Christopher Nolan’s movies it is very beautiful to look at  and the soundtrack is amazing.  The plot twist have you surprised.   Only seen one coming.  Which is still pretty good when it happens.

Enjoyed this movie very much.  You know a movie is good when you still think about hours or days after seeing it.  If you are like myself and not watched it let because it seen to me too long.  Make the time.  It is well worth it.  It keep me engaged all the way though.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)


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