Grand Theft Auto Online Hours Played

GTAOnline.jpgOver the years there only been a hand full of games that I managed to play over 100 hours.  Two that I can think of off the top of my head are The Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Dark Cloud.   Am sure there are other.  What I get at is.  A few day back while playing some Grand Theft Auto Online with a few people.  Wonder how many hours I have played.  I know it would have to be a lot.  Since every time there is new content I play.  All so my bother and once played for six hours straight.   Wanted to know so login to the Rockstar Games Social Club to see.  Was a bit shocked to see the number, 278 hours 25 minutes.  Well that by far is the most hours I have put into any game.   Am sure I will be putting many more into it as well.  Think I will make another post next year see more many more hours I put in this year.  If you never played it give it a shot.  I know it can be annoying to play with strangers.  However it’s a blast to play with friends.


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