Ant-Man Review

Ant_ManHave been wanting to see Ant-Man ever since it came out on Blu-ray a little while back.  So that is what I did New Years day after all the company and food was all gone.  Going to come out and say it.  It was good but not great.  Not the worst Marvel movie.  There is some pretty cool stuff in there with some funny bits.  However most of the funny stuff is all jokes we all have seen in many movies.  All the actors a great.  The problem is the whole storyline and plot point are generic.  Not sure why they all ways have to go do things were have all seen a million times before.

Was let down by this movie.  It could have been some much more.  They just re-did so many plot point and gags we all have seen over and over.  Am glad I watching it because the more superhero movies the better.  On that note after all they have made.  They think they could make them better and not just another generic one.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Time)


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