Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

Batman_v_Superman.jpgThere a brand new trailer Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  This is the second full length trailer.  The first one was out in July.  If you haven’t seen that one or want to watch again before watching the new.  Check it out > here.  This second on has a much different vibe to it.  Which is uses a lot of the same scenes.  Just in a different order.  With those they mixed in bunch of new stuff as well.  It all looks pretty awesome.  Have read some people complaining because there is a bad guy they didn’t show before.  They feel it spoils so of the plot.  I however don’t think they would do that.  All so if you don’t want to have anything spoiled.  Stay off the internet and don’t watch trailers.  You can seen the new one > here or below.  The movie will be out March 25, 2016.  Which is not far way if you think about it.

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