Won A Contest

Game_Of_Thrones_Limited_Edition_SteelbookDuring the first week of November (2015).  The people over at Electric Playground were running a contest to will a copy of season one and two Game of Thrones in the new limited edition steelbook case.  What makes these special is not only the discs come in a fancy new case.  There is a very nice magnet with each.  A Direwolf sigil for season one.   Season two as a Lannister sigil.  The other big thing about these Blu-rays is they come with new audio tech called Dolby Atmos.

The reason I am talking about this because I won.  Received an email on a Thursday saying I have one and that I should be hearing from HBO soon.  Then a few days later on Monday there were a package at my door.  This is very exciting.  I have never won anything before.  Sure a few dollars on lottery ticket but that is not the same.

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