Into The Badlands

Into_The_BadlandsThe first episode of six for Into The Badlands aired is past Sunday (November 15, 2015).  Not going to review it yet.  Since there are five more episodes to go.  Just want to talk about what was good and bad about the first episodes.  The good stuff first.  The show as a very nice look to it.  Every thing is bright and clear.  The main character rides an awesome motorcycle.  The best bits are the fight scenes.  They are the best I have have ever seen on TV.  The are movie quality martial fights.  They don’t hide anything with fast cuts or shaky cam.  They do some awesome over the top stuff.  Even show down time it spots.  Now for the bad.  The acting and characters all feels generic.  Felt like a copy and paste from other shows and movies.  Will watch to see all the full season plays out.  Hope the bad stuff gets better.


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