Fallout 4

Fallout_4.jpgIt is Tuesday November 10, 2015.  So that means it Fallout 4 day.  Have been looking forward to playing this game even since I seen they show it off at this years E3.  Did play a bit o Fallout 3.  But never could get into it.  However I can see myself getting into this one.  So at lunch time today went and picked up myself a copy.  There was not one else there getting a copy.  Only one old guy picking up Call of Duty for someone else.  About to load it up.  Will be back with a first impressions  update after playing for a bit.

[Update]  Played a little over two hours.  First off the game is very nice looking.  Spent most of the time looking at stuff and exploring around the first part of the world.  Right after you leave the fault.  Still getting use to the VATS system.  There looks like there is a lot of crafting stuff as well. Did a small bit of that.  Like cooking food and upgrade my gun.  Really like it so far.

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