The Walking Dead Trading Cards

The_Walking_Dead_Trading_CardsFound something pretty cool the other day.  There were The Walking Dead Trading Cards Season Three Part one.  Which were in a double pack.  When I was a kid loved to buy trading cards.  My favourite were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s ones.  There were the ones from the first episode of the TV show.  Then there were ones from the first live action movie.  So when I seen this double pack hanging on a peg decided to buy it.  There are five cards in each pack.  With the chance of getting of of the special cards.  An autograph, wardrobe or sketch card.  Reading the website.  Says are are 72 cards for this set.  Not sure how many more the store has.  But might just buy them all.


After opening the packs felt a bit underwhelmed.  The card are on nice crisp cardboard.  The pictures are clear and bright. All that is fine.  It is just the packaging says five cards.  when I opened it there was five cards but one was a check list.  The other pack had just one it it.  It was different.  It was layered cardboard to make it look like a picture frame.  Had to look it up.  The site calls them The Grimes Family Shadowbox chase set.  Now it be on the fence about buying more.

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