PlayStation Plus November Game’s Line-up

PlaystationPlus.jpgThe line up for November’s free games for PlayStation Plus members is now out.  You can read the official blog post > here.  They have a lot of big gams this month for the PS4 and PS3.  They will be downloadable November 3, 2015.


The Walking Dead: Season 2.  This is a great deal if you played the first season.

Magicka 2.  This game is only a  few months old.  So this is an another great deal.  It look like it plays like an old school top down action adventure game.


Mass Effect 2.  This game a hugely popular.  A must have for any PS3 owner.

Beyond Good & Evil.  Have never playing this.  Do know that it is on a lot of peoples top ten game lists.


Dragon Fin Soup.  They say its an action RPG with roguelike elements.  Has a nice look to it.  Might give it a try because it is a cross-buy game.

Invizimals.  Looks like a Pokémon game with augmented reality.

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