Grand Theft Auto Online: Halloween Surprise

GTA_Online_Halloween_SurpiseA little over a week ago Grand Theft Auto Online had the Lowriders update out.  Now there is another update out called Halloween Surprise.  Which you can read about > here.  It started October 29, 2015 and runs to November 16, 2015.  They have add some cool stuff to get.  There will be all kinds of new scary masks and face paint.  There are two new cars as well.  One called Lurcher Hearse.  Which is a sweet looking hearse.  Was saving money to buy a lowrider but think I will get the hearse instead. The other car is a 50’s style hot rod called Franken Stange.  They will only be available for this limited time.  However once you buy it, it stays in your inventory.  The other big thing is a new adversary mode called Slasher.  One person is the slasher, who has a shotgun.   The other players have to survive with a flashlight, which is new, for three minutes.  If you do you get a shotgun to fight back.   This all sounds pretty awesome.

[Update]  Gave the slasher mode a try.  Have to say it was interesting.  The map I played looked like the FIB building from the main game.  It played out like I thought it would with me losing all but one round.  You still get money if you don’t win.  Over all it is fun.


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