Canada’s Worst Driver 11

Canadas_Worst_Driver_11One of the funniest shows is back for season 11, Canada’s Worst Diver.   This is one of those show I look forward to each fall just to see how bad some people are at driving.  The show is all ways good.  That is because the host is funny as hell.  It started again last night (October 26, 2015).  Missed the first airing.  One good thing about this show being on Discovery it will air a few times during the week.   Managed to see the last half of the first episode.  Would think after seeing ten seasons before.  It still surprises me at just how bad they can be.  Looking forward to seeing the full season.

One Response to “Canada’s Worst Driver 11”

  1. H.B McGarvie Says:

    Why is it this show even exists? Is it not more about the people who passed these drivers in the road test to get a licence ? How in the first place did these people ever get a pass when clearly they have no clue how to operate a vehicle ! Seriously !!

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