Treehouse of Horror XXVI

Treehouse_Of_Horror_XXVINot a big fan of Halloween.  However there are two things good about it.  The first is the next day half price candy.  The second is The Simpsons Threehouse of Horror.  The Treehouse of Horror episodes are an institution.  The Simpsons are in their 27th season and this marks the 26th Horror episode.  Years ago they used to air a whole bunch of these episodes in a row leading up to the new one.  Sadly the channels I have don’t do that any more.  There are some many good ones.  They parody so many things over the years.  The parodies become better than what they parody.  Over > here is a list of stuff they did.  My all time favourite is is when the did The Peanuts Halloween spoof called, It’s The Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse.  Which air during the 20th season.  Tune in tonight (October 25, 2015) to watch the new one.

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