Grand Theft Auto Online: Lowriders

GTA_Online_Lowriders.jpgThis past Tuesday (October 20, 2015) there was a new update for GTA: Online called Lowriders.  If you haven’t seen any on it you can read about it > here.  Gave it a try and am very impressed on just how good the cars look.  The detail inside and out is amazing.  It would be cool if you could do that with all the cars.

Once you have the new update installed and enter online.  You will get a call from Lamar.  You meet him at the new car shop.  There is a bit of story here.  Then he sends you on a mission.   When I did it.  It set me up with three other players.  Two teams, set out in to different lowriders to take out the other gangs.   It was pretty fun.  The only Lamar new mission I tried so far.  After that is over you can go to the shop.  They have six cars to choose from.  Found one of those cars out in the wild.  So took it to the shop to see that the process was like.  Enter the shop and it asks do you want to convert the car over the the base model lowrider.  Which turns out to cost $400,000.  So decided not to do it at that point.  Am sure lots of players will have the money for that if hey were playing the Heists missions.  I haven’t done any of those.


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