Grand Theft Auto Online: Lowriders Update

GTA_Online_LowridersThere is a new  update out for Grand Theft Auto Online on October 20, 2015.  Which will be called Lowriders.  It will be cool to have lowrides back in the GTA world.  They are going all out for this update.  There will be about (six?) new cars that can be customized in full lowrider style.  To do this there is a new shop called Benny’s Original Motor Works.  Of course there will be hydraulics.  However there is more.  You will be able to customize the outside and inside the car.  Even there motor and sound system in the trunk.  What is the point if you can’t show off your work.  The got the covered to.  Because you will be able to  open doors, hood and trunk, switch on the engine to flash neons.   All that is pretty cool.

There is more to the update as well.  There will be new missions from Lamar.  Two new weapons, automatic machine pistol and a machete.  There will be new clothes, accessory and hair options.  Three new Adversary Modes.  There other big news is you will be able to buy a fourth property.  So you can keep you car collection going.  You can read about it > here as well as see some pictures.  Oh, this is for current gen and PC only.  Can’t wait to try it out.

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