‎Gromkhana‬ 2: Fast Times At Gromkhana High

‎Gromkhana‬_2Last year back in July 2014 the people at Motorcyclist Magazine put together a very awesome video called Gromkhana: The Grom Escape.  The play on words is they took two tricked out Honda Groms and mixed it gymkhana style tricks and film making.  Which was made famous by Ken Block.  If you are not sure what a Honda Grom.  It is a very small but street legal motorcycle.  They looks like they are built for kids but adults can ride them.  They are pretty big deal in some place.  The even race them.  First you need to watch their first video > here.  That is because they are back with a new one called Gromkhana 2:  Fast Times At Gromkhana High.  This one is even more awesome.  You need to watch it > here or below.

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