Yamaha XT225 Wash And Wax

2006-xt225-usa-dpbmc-3.jpgThe weather was super nice today (September 29, 2015) around 26°C.  Was off work as well so had to take advantage and wash my Yamaha XT225.   Haven’t washed it since June.  Mind you it wasn’t too dirty.  Didn’t get stuck in any big rain storms this year (so far).  All so decided  it was time for a wash because yesterday getting ready to leave work seen that a bird had diarrhea all over the seat.  At first It looked like someone spilt coffee.   Was pretty gross.  Got some handy wipes from work.  Which got most of it off.  Not sure how long this nice weather will last.  But hoping until the end of October.  However think that is wishful thinking.   If I could ride my motorcycle all year I would.



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