The Muppets First Episode Impressions

The_Muppets.jpgIt has been a very long time since The Muppets have been on TV.  When I first heard they were coming back and then seen some of the clips.  It looks very awesome and funny.  I like they style they are filming the show.  Has a The Office vibe to it and is more adult in the content.  The first episode aired September 22, 2015.

Was every impressed with the whole show.  It has everything that makes The Muppets awesome in there.  Plus it an update look.  Like all Muppet TV shows it has then putting on a show.  This time it happens to be a late night talk show hosted by Miss Piggy.  Each week they have a famous guest star.  All The Muppets are in there even Statler and Waldorf making fun of Fozzie Bear.   Think the show will get funnier as it goes along.  Will be watching for sure.


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