Rockstar Editor

Rockstar_Editor.jpgNow that the Rockstar Editor is out for GTA V/ Grand Theft Auto Online had to give it a go.  When I first seen it videos people did on the PC it looks pretty awesome.  Being on a computer it would be easy to do things.  So wasn’t sure how it would work on the game consoles.

Have to say the editor is pretty robust.  There are two main mode you can use the Directory Mode.  This is were you can pick any character model.  Then change all kinds of options to set the scene.  So then you can start capturing your gameplay.  Then in turn edit it.  Didn’t try this mode yet.

The second is you can capture your story mode or online play.  Decided to play some online to try out the editor.  It is pretty easy to start capturing video.  You just press down on the digital pad.  There are two option, one to just to start recoding  The one is to turn on action recoding.  This captures about 30 seconds or so and keeps doing that to get all the action.

The actual editing is pretty easy. There are some limitations compared to working on a computer.  However they make up for that with all kinds of options with filters and audio.  The coolest thing I like so far is free form camera placement.  You can move the camera to just about any angle.

The only thing I don’t like is when playing back your full project it stops then loads the next clip.  So it doesn’t play start to finish like it would on a computer.

To get the video on to YouTube you must have be a member Rockstar Games Social Club (which is free) and link your YouTube/Google account.

Over all think this is an awesome bonus to GTA V fans.  Gives everyone the ability to make videos with GTA would out having to buy any kind of capturing device.

Played around with the editor for an hour or so.  Just to see what it is all about.  I think with practices and planning some amazing videos can be made.  Below or > here is what is came up with trying it out.


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