WrestleCenterThis past Sunday (September 13, 2015) went to a wrestling show put on by WrestleCentre.  They are based Halifax and have been around for a few years.  This was their first time to Cape Breton.  Have been to a few types of independent wrestle shows over the years.  This one is a bit different because there was a very famous wrester here, Jake “The Snake” Roberts.  When I first read that he would be here thought it would be more like a host or special guest.   I was wrong.  He was in a match.  Which went as I predicted.  The young guy would be mad at Jake.  Jake would have a talk.  Then the young wrester would put a beating on Jake.  Jake would have a comeback.  Then pull off a DDT and bring out the snake.  The only thing I didn’t see come was the young guy took off.  The ref got into Jake’s way so he knocked him down.  Putting the snake on him.  While it was short but still very fun to watch.  The whole show over all ways really good.  It was organized and planned well.  Felt like a real show.  All the wresters interacted with the crowed.  They said they are coming back.  Would gladly go again.  Got a bunch of pictures.  Below are the best ones.







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