Mad Max

Mad_Max_Game.jpgOnce again taking about the video game Mad Max.  Not sure how many hours I have play (wish there was a stat tracker for that).  But it is a bunch for sure.  Loved every minute it of it.  Said this in my last post taking about the game.  For being set in a desert wasteland there is a lot to look at and things to do.  The upgrading of Max and the car is very fun as well.  Everything you do in the game gives you something in return.  My favourite thing to do is take over the enemies bases.  They all may have similar elements but each are unique.   The money used in the game is call scrap.  Have discovered.  If you are out in a big storm (which happens time to time).  A message comes up on the screen saying seek shelter.  Being out in a storm can kill you.  However there are big scrap drops during the storm.  When the storm did come.  High tailed it back to the main base.   Waited on the for a bit then seen three new icons appear on the mini map.  So head back out to see what they were.  Turn out they were big boxes, each with 100 scrap in them.  That is a lot compared to the regular ones you find.  Not sure if I will ever be able to finish the game because the map is huge.  However will have fun trying.  Well worth the money.


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